1. Vardenafil (Levitra) is a medicine prescribed to address erectile disorder. Erectile disorder (ED) symptoms can be various relying on every individual and can vary from the overall inability to obtain an erection to lack of ability to preserve an erection once it is attained for long sufficient to finish intercourse. Vardenafil will certainly be efficient just as lengthy as you take it but you need to not take it daily, like a typical medicine. It is expected to be utilized on the when-needed bases - take Vardenafil regarding an hour prior to you are intending to have sex. By doing this you will offer approximately 4 hours of sex-related pressure and will be able to make love throughout this whole duration. Your construction needs to disappear after a climaxing. If after an orgasm the erection is still there and you experience discomfort, these may be the signs of priapism - extended construction that is stuffed with major damages to the cells of the penis.