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Antabuse (disulfram) is a medicine available upon prescription that could be utilized to deal with persistent alcohol addiction. This drug works by hampering the way liquor is metabolized by the body causing unpleasant results when the patient drinks. Do not drink alcoholic beverages when you are being treated with this medication, as this might cause reduced blood stress, vertigo, breast pain, nausea, chest pain, quick heartbeat, flushing, and feeling of thirst. If you have drunk some alcohol do not take Antabuse throughout the upcoming 12 hours to prevent serious side impacts. The response is most likely to happen also many weeks after you have stopped the treatment with Antabuse.

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Avoid using products which contain little quantities of alcohol as they are most likely to interact with Antabuse as well. These items consist of mouth scrubs, restoratives, dressings, vinegar, cough and cool medicines, and so on. Take this medicine exactly as routed by your doctor. Each dosage is to be taken with a complete glass of water at equally spaced intervals. If you believe an overdose and display signs, such as nausea and vomiting, reduction of coordination, tingling, lightheadedness or tingling, seizures, seek instant clinical aid.

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