Antabuse Medication


Antabuse (disulfiram) is an efficient drug meant for the procedure of persistent alcohol dependency in individuals unable to combat their obsession. You mustn't consume liquor and take Antabuse at the very same time as this could result in the following negative effects: reduced blood stress, flushing, queasiness, thirst, vertigo, breast discomfort and a few other, relying on every personal situation. It's not recommended to take this medication throughout 12 hours after consuming alcohol. If you have mind kidney, liver or damages condition, seizure, diabetes, thyroid condition or psychological ailments inform your physician about that before requesting for prescription. A dosage modification might be needed or your doctor could suggest an alternate approach of therapy.

If you believe you could have come to be expectant while taking Antabuse, inform your doctor. The energetic ingredient disulfiram can pass in to breast milk influencing the health of the nursing baby. If you think you have taken as well considerably of this medication and experience a few of the following signs - lightheadedness, vomiting, tingling and tingling, seizures and reduction of sychronisation - seek emergency situation medical support. People taking this medication might experience some moderate negative side effects featuring skin breakout, acne, hassle, aching or swollen tongue, impotence, metal preference in the mouth, tiredness or sleepiness.

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